New to RapidWeaver

I am new to RapidWeaver, which is recommended Fountain or Foundry?

I take it you mean Foundation or Foundy.
Will find lots of answers here

By the way, I work for @joeworkman , who makes Foundation and if you have any questions, let me know.

Yes, I did.
Thank you.

In general I’d say only use Foundry or Foundation if you already have some experience using RW with regular themes. Both are really non-themes or DIY-themes and thus are a bit trickier to use. But both give you the benefit of more flexibility.

Take a close look at both websites and relevant documentation/videos. That should help you. Foundation is older, but both are being very actively developed.

I have both but I find that I’m using Foundry a lot more. It seems lighter/faster to me. And it seems to fit my own novice design sensibilities better. But that’s really a personal judgement. In actuality both are excellent.

It’s really a judgement of which seems to fit better with how you work, rather than which one is “objectively” better.

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What does “foundry control center stack missing, add the control center stack to the page” mean???

Thanks Mathew, I chose Foundry first. Foundation will be next.

This is a stack needed on all pages. It’s highly advisable to watch some of the beginning videos first. Check them out at:

There’s also a set of good documentation at that location.

That is what I was following (a tutorial), all was fine until I got to this point. But, thanks.

I see the labelling could be a little clearer. When you look at your Foundry stacks there is one stack named Foundry. That’s the control center stack. It needs to be on every page of your website. I highly recommend making it a partial stack, then copy/paste to new pages. That way if you change something in one Foundry control stack those changes are handed down to all Foundry control center stacks using the same partial. Saves a lot of work if you ever update this main stack: which is pretty likely!

I hope this makes things clearer.

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