New to RW8 - Moving links in stock theme from top to side

Used the stock ‘mountains’ theme as a starting point, and have modified much to suit my needs. When I add pages, the page link is automatically added to the top banner of the page. I would like the page links to not be on the top, but rather on a left side bar. How do I make this change for RW8?

Hi Brian,

I’m not a programmer, but I think you can’t change a fixed menu in a Theme. You could consider a stack like Action Menu to add a floating menu on your page. Unfortunately theme based sites don’t give you the freedom you get from framework based sites (Foundry2 or Foundation6).


It may be the menu and banner that everyone wants to first modify.
It might (probably is) be possible but choosing a stock theme is for convenience. You can duplicate the Mountain Theme layout and have the menu as you desire if you start with one of the blank themes but then you loose the convenience of the stock theme…
So there are stacks to add various menu styles. Just investigate them.
You could play with this if you have time…

And maybe someone will suggest code to hide the stock menu.

You can sort of do it by creating your pages as usual and then unticking ‘Show in Navigation’ under General Settings for each page.

Then you can create links in the sidebar for each page and copy and paste these across the site. It’s not very elegant though and If you really want a theme with a vertical navigation you’d be better of using a theme that’s built that way.

There are some free ones here -

Here’s a good theme with vertical nav -

And this is nice too -

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