Menu issue with RW8 and RWSkinz

I built a site with RW 8 and RWSkinz and it came out very nice, but… I get one of the pages that the menu won’t render in. Its got functionality, I just can’t see it. I have resorted to using menu stacks to get around this. I used the gorilla stack, but can’t get it to stick to the top of the page when you scroll. I know there are some stacks available, but which ones do you use? I’m currently using a different menu stack, but isn’t what the school is looking for. Does anyone have any suggestions to A.) Get the menu to work within RW8 and RWSKinz or B.) know of a stack or setting I can use to pin the menu to the top if I use Gator.


It’s always helpful if you can provide a URL to at least a test page with the problem you are having.

Not sure exactly what you mean by this, is it there and you just can’t see it or something else? You said one page is giving you problems, are the other pages OK? Again without a URL to look at it going to hard for someone to help you out.

I’ll have to recreate the issue and publish to a test domain. I can’t leave a nonworking page live. Will work on that tomorrow.

Use the chroma stack from Big White Duck to have a fixed menu at the top when scrolled and more options:

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