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Hi, I have a problem with True Download 2, basically clicking on the button indicates that the pdf file has been downloaded but is not downloaded. The pdf file is correctly positioned:

the page is this:

Thank you.

Resolved. To work, the file must be zip.
It would have been very convenient if it was capable of handling all types of files.

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You don’t need any special stack to do what you want. All you do is add your pdf file to your project resources. From there you can link to it in the built in Text stack from Yourhead. You could even have the pdf open in a new window if you want. Add a link to any text to your pdf file. You can do it very easily directly from the link button at the top of the stack. You will see that choosing a resource is one of the options when you click the add link button.

I hope this makes sense… I am not the best at explaining things…

Hi, the purpose of connecting True Dowload 2 to the pdf file was to display the number of openings or downloads of the file, I wasn’t interested in how to open the pdf file but to know how many people opened or downloaded the file. I didn’t understand that it only worked with zips. the problem arose from the fact that I had to make sure to display 5 cells of a table at the same time in order to compare the results, not being able to insert them on the page, because the cells would be too narrow, I thought to download a pdf file. but to understand if the visitor, in addition to reading the post, also opened the pdf I needed a counter, so I thought of True Download 2. Let’s say that I made a mistake in buying.

Not my area of expertise… you may be able to get that information directly from Google somehow. Perhaps through analytics or something(not sure what it is called). I do remember that something I looked at on google told me how often pages were accessed.

I wish you the best in getting what you want. Perhaps someone else could explain it better.

A zipped file is required to force a download and not just open in a new window…that is why Download 2 requires a .zip file.
I use it everyday on several sites.


Grazie :pray:


Nessun problema

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