New Website Works Well

Despite some early jitters and temperamental publishing (mainly due to server issues) I am pleased to say that the website I have been working on ( has functioned well without further problems for a couple of months now, including all the PlayListers which use warehoused files. Still some tidying up to do but in the end a very speedy and friendly programme to use.

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Nice one - getting your first site up and running is very satisfying. Good luck with the venture

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I couldn’t agree more with @manofdogz!!!

May I suggest that you send @blueballdesign a link and advertise on here that you are using Freestack Responsive. Not many people do these days, it’s all about Foundations it seems and it’s nice to see another framework being used effectively. Also, perhaps submit your site to the RapidWeaver Community site for showcasing Freestack Responsive and various other stacks you used


Agree - Freestacks is a very good product and deserves more publicity. I chose it over Foundation because of it’s better support for legacy IE browsers, less important perhaps now but at the time was a very important consideration for me. Here’s my freestacks project:

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Thanks, I have hopefully passed this on to Blue Ball Design.

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Thanks, likewise, maybe I can take a holiday now!

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Hi Everyone,

@Wish Your new FreeStack Responsive site, especially for a first site, looks excellent! Congrats on going live with it and I hope it does well for you.

@manofdogz Congrats on your site too. Looks great and like the photography a lot too! Good luck with it.

@Turtle Actually FreeStack Responsive is used by literally 1000s of RapidWeaver users still, and overall has a five figure user base. I am nowhere near as active in the forum here as I was years ago, and do not aggressively push my products here like some do, so they are not as visible as they used to be. You can view some recent sites created by FreeStack Responsive users on our Blueball FreeStack Responsive Site Showcase.

While frameworks are what a lot of RapidWeaver users like to work within on a Stacks page when designing their page layout, others like using FreeStack Responsive for the fact it doesn’t rely on any framework to position and layout your page’s stack elements. All the blank stacks theme options out now will work well for RapidWeaver users to create unique one-off site designs with.

I also have several updates underway now for both the original FreeStack theme and for FreeStack Responsive that will be released over the next 6 weeks.

Anyway, thanks for the positive comments guys, and good luck with your sites.