Newbi: HOME in nav-bar not accessible

Parent level navigation items do not get linked in the Navigation Bar stack.
( Foundry Navigation bar question )

My horizontal nav-bar (Foundry) has a couple of items, with only HOME having 2 sub-items.

All nav-bar items are accessible (clickable) except for HOME.

Q1: Is this on purpose?

Q2: How else can the user easily return to the HOME-page?
Should I link the Icon (if this is possible)?


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Omar KN

Stockholm, Sweden

Q1: Yes, this is the way that stack works. There is no hover event on mobile devices, so they have to click on the top-level menu (Home in your case) to see the sub-menus. Having the menus work differently on mobile can be confusing. Think of it as just like any main menu in any application. It only shows the submenus. It doesn’t do something on it’s own.

Q2: You can link the logo. It’s very common and users are likely use to it.

I would, however, rethink your layout a bit. Having pages under a “Home” menu is very unusual. Is there a better place for them?


Alright, good advice - I’ll put them somewhere else!

Re: HOME: not every user is however savvy enough to click the logo (to get to the start page.)

So any other suggestion where/ how to set a HOME link somewhere (in case they want to get home .)?

/ okn

Without any pages under Home, it will be clickable and take you to the home page. Is that not what you want?


Yes, that’s it!

Thank you.


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