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Hi Guys, I am new to Rapidweaver 8 using foundary stacks so excuse me if I’m a little vague with the lingo. I am creating a website with multiple pages for my gallery. I have my gallery home and 8 sub galleries. Is there a way to have the visitor return to the gallery home by clicking on the title? At the moment the drop down galleries are viewable through clicking their titles but I can not return to the home gallery.

For example

  • Sub gallery 1
  • Sub gallery 2

If you click on Sub gallery 1, I would like to be able to click on Gallery (Home) and it be redirected to that page.

I hope you can get what I’m trying to say as it’s not easy to put down on paper.

Thank you in advance.

Hi Mez,

I’m afraid the Foundry drop down menu isn’t designed to do that. As soon as you add sub pages to a top level menu item it becomes just a way to open and close the menu. You can’t actually navigate to it.



Thank you Rob for a swift reply. I will have to rethink my layout. Cheers

This is the tipping point, when it might become necessary to upgrade from the standard navigation stack bundled with a blank framework for a more advanced / turbo-charged navigation stack instead.

In other words, something which perhaps affords you more accessibility and functionality. Similar in behaviour to what you would expect to get in a conventional RapidWeaver theme.

Have a search of the RW community addons website for navigation stacks:

Gator is my stack, so I would naturally endorse that one. But there are a couple of others to try too.

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Personally, I don’t think top-level menu items should have links applied to them when they have sub-items. I think you are better served by adding a Gallery Overview as the first sub-item and having that be your link to your Gallery (Home) page.

Think about how menus work in all applications. A menu item that has other sub-items does nothing except allow you to get to the sub-items. Is “Find…” in the edit menu clickable? No, it just allows you to get to the sub-items. Clicking on it does not take you to anything.

The issue gets worse on mobile. The first click would open the menu showing the sub items. Then they’d have to know they can also click on that parent item to get to the Gallery (Home) page. Early versions of RW had themes that worked this way, and I always found users didn’t realize that the top-level item linked to a page and consequently those pages saw very little traffic. By changing them to the above design, we saw large increases in traffic to the “overview” pages.

Anyway, just my 2 cents…


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