PayPal Button & Image?

Ok, I’m trying to put a PayPal button (which i have the code for) in RW8 in both the main part of the page panel and the side bar PLUS I’m trying to park an image on the same as the previous in a specific spot.

Any way to do these?

Thanks in advance to all who respond.

Not sure what code you have or where you want to put the code. You said" the main part of the page panel" and sidebar. What type of page are you using?

Thanks for responding @teefers. It’s a “styled text” page (Home) and the side bar to the right that accompanies that page.

I should have posted that I am totally new at this. I have experience with M$ FrontPage 2002 (through about 2010 but nothing at all since then and I have to say that RW8 is much more cumbersome to work with, although I’m getting the hang of it, but it’s gonna be a looooooong road, but a lot shorter and less expensive than using Dreamweaver anything. :slight_smile:

As for what you are doing “adding html” to a RapidWeaver page I would suggest you have a look at this video from Realmac’s YouTube, it’s on RapidWeaver 7, but still applies.

As for learning RapidWeaver, it does take a bit of time and effort, but I think you’ll find it well worth it.


Thank you @teefers that worked great. Amazing. Too bad we can’t have access to the actually code also so that we could tweak page elements. I’m satisfied thus far though. Looks good. Thanks for your help. You can see how I integrated the code and got the results I was after HERE

Welcome to RapidWeaver,
Feel free to post questions as you learn here on the forum, there’s a bunch of folks here to help out.

You can’t “tweak” the html but you can add CSS and JavaScript to a single page or site wide. Once you get things figured out as to how to make things work, I think you’ll find RapidWeaver quite powerful to use.
My suggestion would be to start by going through the videos both on the RapidWeaver community site and their YouTube channel.

One of the first things I would suggest is to try and learn to use Markdown instead of styled text.

Wes Bos has a short free video course:

Also if you keep going look into purchasing the stacks plugin.


@teefers you are a godsend. I will watch those and come back if/as I have questions. Thank you so much.

At this point I’m not a 100% with what is meant by “markdown” but I’m sure after watching the vids, I’ll have insight. Thanks again.

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