RW8 import of RW7 deselects 'Show in navigation' checkbox in sub-pages

When I import one of my RW7 projects into RW8, all subpages have ‘Show in navigation’ deselected.
I have reported this several times (including support logs) since the release of RW8 (how long ago is that?) and this bug is still there.
There are no ‘upgrade’ errors in the support logs.

It means that I have to keep on using RW7 because the project simply can’t be converted to RW8.
I’m not willing to spend a weekend just to click on ‘Show navigation’ a few hundred times.

So, Realmac, do something about this, please!

Marc Vos

Hey @MrMacvos,

We’ve just released a beta that should fix this problem! Please give it a go and let me know how it goes.


Hi Tom,

Yes, I just found the post and downloaded 8.4
Indeed that bug is gone.

But as with the introduction of 8.3, PlusKit seems not to work all of the time, I see ‘@import((page))’ text showing on my pages in preview-mode. Sometimes it renders, but more often it does not.

- -

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