Newbie Question - How do I get a MailChimp pop-up subscriber form to show up in my site?

Hi! I’m so sorry to ask this question - I’m sure its very obvious…

I need to get the code (from Mailchimp pop-up form), to actually show up in my site… I can get the code and copy and paste it into my site - but nothing actually shows up. The pop-up subscribe form should be so simple to integrate, but it just won’t publish.

Thank you.

Where are you putting it? In a html stack? Styled text?
Do you have a URL?

Hi Scott - thanks so much… I’ve tried in a HTML stack, and in styled text stack. Nothing. URL is … so I’ve just discovered that when I actually publish the page, the pop-up subscribe box does indeed pop-up as soon as I navigate to the page… if I close it, I can’t get it back… but its there - I can’t format it, choose to click something to have it come up when I want, etc. Hope this all makes sense. Cheers.

Update - it popped up ONCE only when I went to the published site… never again for me.

It pops up for me every time I click the button…

Thanks Gavin,

In the few hours since requesting this advice, I got on to mail chimp support who basically confirmed for me that there is restrictions in the ‘pop-up’ version of their sign-up forms that prevent it from popping up more than once, for any given user - not something that suits my needs, so I’ve abandoned that idea and have resorted to using their poorly formatted ‘embedded’ form, and I’m using a light-box stack to house it so that I get some sort of usable form - I’m unhappy with the look and feel of it, but believe it to be functional now. I just hate how spread out it is - and without knowing coding, I can’t customise the html code I can get from mail chimp - so I’m stuck with it looking like it does. Thanks so much for answering mate.

I guess for now, problem solved - partially.

Try sticking it in something like Glider (from Joe Workman) or Modal Dialog Pro (CosCulture) or another modal stack - that will give you better control over the size, at least. For the look - you really would need to tweak the HTML - what sort of look are you after?


@steveburden, seems you have it going now.
You may be able to format their code somewhat, I’ve done it for other similar mail scripts. Ask them.

Thank you swilliam :slight_smile:

How/What did you use for the booking aspect of your site?

Hey :slight_smile: I use a subscription service calendar and appointments app called Timely… I love it - have used many - some as much as AU$260 per month, and this is the one I choose - and it’s $30 … here is a referral link - if you join with it, I’ll get a free month, and so will you :slight_smile:

My site uses the Hive theme, and several stacks to build what you see today… main stacks to put the appointments page together are Mapsnap, Datesnap, Ivy and Production. Hope that answers your questions :slight_smile: