Script stops working?

Hello, for some reason I have scripts that temporarily work and then stop working.
Currently, I am attempting to add a mailchimp subscribe pop up to my blog page. The script initially worked in different ways:

  1. When the script was embedded in a blog post.
  2. When the script was added to the Javascript tab.

Now whenever I preview the page, the script does not work.

I have a similar problem with a script that I used to redirect users to a Thank you page.

it’s virtually impossible to help you with something like this without a URL to the page.

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I think you’re going to have to give us a bit more information. A URL would be the most help. Not seeing the “scripts” or where and how they are being applied make it difficult to get help.

Is this in RapidWeaver preview mode, preview in browser, or on a live website?


This is in Rapidweaver preview mode and in preview in browser mode. I have also tested it out with the site published.
The script is a mailchimp pop up subscription script.

I have placed it into different places on the rapidweaver blog page. It will work once and then not work again. I first put it right in the blog post, then attempted putting it in each of the HTML code areas (CSS, Javascript, prefix, head, body). It would work once and then stop working.
I’m mostly wondering if this is a common problem.

I had a similar problem before where I had a redirecting script in my contact form where when you clicked submit, it would take you to the thank you page. That no longer works either.

Heres what i have for the redirect script.

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