My project's header is actin weird

(Rico Brown) #1

Added Mailchimp HTML… And, now my site is acting CRaZY…

All header/banner & toolbar data is displaying funky…

I’ve also recently added Facebook, Twitter & Instagram HTML data…

Could any of this conflict with the other site data?

I’ve uploaded the previous export files prior to the display errors… So the errors aren’t currently on the web. But, in the RW project file… I need help on how to correct in existing RW project that display like in the attachment…

Thanks in advance…


(Doug Bennett) #2

Without an URL with a page that is failing, or all the details of what you added and how you added it. It would be difficult for us to help.

What did you add and where and how did you add this?

Did you do these at the same time?

(Rico Brown) #3

Hi Doug. All adding was done via RW7 HTML stacks and code generated from each social media site including Mail Chimp… no issues until last night’s adding of Mailchimp email pop-up and forms were added…

The specific code was added to the home page…

(Doug Bennett) #4

Not much help, as I would need to see the code you pasted into the HTML stack. Not sure why you’re adding both a pop-up and a complete form to the same page?
I also did not see on the live site the social media you added?
Joe Workman has a stack that works with MailChimp

(Gary) #5

I recently added the Horizontal Form MailChimp code to a few sites and it was pretty painless and is a very light weight way to add a slick looking MailChimp signup form. However, the styling of the forms can take a bit of figuring out and there is plenty of scope to get it wrong by by leaving off a closing div or something like that, that can cause havoc with your page.

Firstly I would remove the other HTML code to sort ort the MailChiml code first, as you must deal with things one by one. .I would say go back and paste the unaltered MailChimp Naked or Horizontal Form into a stacks HTML stack and that should work fine as it is.

(Rico Brown) #6

Thanks all! To @webdeer’s point some code was left off and apparently impacted the entire site… Silly me… Thanks again…

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