News Grid stack (Rapid ideas) not fetching last news item

Hi there,

I have several websites where I use the News Grid stack from Rapid Ideas. I added a news item in one of my blogs, it shows on the published blog - but it is not getting fetched into the news grid stack. Test with another site and the same constellation - same results, not working.

I have posted a question to support of Rapid Ideas, but have not gotten a response yet.

Does anybody else experience the same problem? Any ideas and hints how to resolve it?


Solution: I did not use the correct link to the current blog xml file, rather it led to a version that was not up to date. Sorry for my mistake.

By the way, I experienced great help and support from Chris, the developer of New Grid! He went out of his way in order to come up with a solution to my problem. When I changed the link to the current blog he immediately sent me a message and asked whether that had been the problem… yes, it had been! THANKS, Chris!

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And thanks @Franz posting it here :grinning:

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