News Grid stack (Rapid Ideas) stopped working

(Eric Embacher) #1

@cric My News grid stacks are no longer pulling in RSS feeds, giving an error in the javascript console (see image). Site URL is Using Chrome, latest.

Even the live preview on the website fails to load a feed and gives the same error (see second image)

The support ticket form on is also offline…is Rapid Ideas still in business?

(NeilUK) #2

The demo is loading ok for me

(Mathew Mitchell) #3

Demo at Rapid Ideas is working fine for me also. Support ticket form also working fine for me.

Something going on at your end of things. However, on your page the news grid seems to “try” to load but never successfully. And when I use the “more” link the top part of the page is very funky.

(NeilUK) #4

Your “Related Articles” are also loading for me.

(Eric Embacher) #5

Thanks guys. Perhaps the problem is localized to a geographic location…I’ve tested it on multiple computers and browsers that I own, and the customer also experiences it…plus I can duplicate it when I test on (which uses servers based in North America I believe), image of that remote session done in Win10/Edge is below. So something’s definitely broken. I’m eager to see what the developer says…

(NeilUK) #6

Rapid Ideas support ticket form also works for me.

(Eric Embacher) #7

Sure enough, the support ticket form DOES work, it was being blocked by my Privacy Badger Chrome plugin. I’ll try to submit a support ticket.

@cric I’ve had to remove your stack from the live site, but I can still see the problem on the staging site:

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #8

Not that this will fix your particular issue, but I have found that when there are issues with a published site, to view it in a browser that does not have any plugins turned on or installed. Many of these plugins can cause issues.

(Eric Embacher) #9

That’s what I did with browserstack. It loads in a vanilla browser…no cache even.

(system) #10

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