Newsgrid stack not showing photos

Here I am again with an issue with the Newsgrid stack. I am using it in two websites. In one it works as it should. In the second one, text of my own blog is imported allright, but the photo of each news item is left out. In preview, however, everything looks as it should (i.e., with photo).

I have written several times to the stack designer but have not received a response this time. Chris was very helpful in the past but for whatever reason does not respond this time.

Here is the website with the non-importing photo in the news items on the home page:

Does anybody have an idea how to proceed to fix the problem?


I don’t have the Newsgrid stack, but I would check it’s settings.

Here’s the link to the missing image:


Notice that it only has one “/” after “https:”? It should have two.

In Newsgrid’s settings, or in your site’s general settings or in your publishing settings, I’m guessing that you mis-typed your web address.


Hi Don,

thank you very much for this hint! I followed it and since I couldn’t detect anywhere a misspelling of the web address I openend the file where the single slash was and changed them to double. It is working now!


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