News Ticker which can act as Link

I have a news ticker stack (Typer from Big White Duck) on one of my sites and my client has asked if each ticker headline can link to the related news articles. Selecting the text and creating a link appears to be possible but it doesn’t work in practice. Any tickers out there that support links or if not perhaps some other type animation that would. Thanks

Typer does not support HTML in its text because of the way it does its delete and replace effects - as per the “One Rule” statement here. You can of course wrap the whole thing in a link stack but I know that doesn’t help with wanting to link to individual items.

With more standard ticker effects, where the text just scrolls across it is a lot easier to include HTML in the text.

The only one that comes to mind is Tsooj’s News Ticker which I think you should check out

Thanks for this - I’ve seen tsooj’s’ stack but not clear if it supports links or not. Also discovered that Elexir’s Orbit Stack has a ticker mode amongst other things which is linkable. For the time being I’m just going to use a regular slider stack - not ticker effect but achieves the same goal.

Have you seen this stack??