Nice bundle going on including FTP tools and cloudmounter

I just had to let everyone know that there’s a nice bundle going on at Bundlehunt including Yummy FTP watcher and Yummy FTP and cloudmounter which is usually $45. Cloudmounter is an amazing tool.


Thanks for the link. Some very good software in that bundle including Forklift.

yes and forklift along with Rapidweaver and yummy apps are in Setapp (which I really like!).

but the best jewel in this bundle is cloudmounter. It’s a real gem for web developers.

How is Cloudmounter better than the droplets/similar feature offered in Transmit or Forklift? Both those apps seem to offer the exact same feature. Is there something about Cloudmounter that makes the processs work faster, smoother, other?

One of issues with Setapp is that Apps that are in the Setapp bundle regularly appear at vastly discounted prices which really devalues the Setapp proposition.


cloudmounter can connect to multiple dropbox, onedrive, google drive, accounts simultaneously. I like cloudmounter because I have several dropbox accounts and by using this app I can connect to all of them concurrently and even drag and drop from one dropbox account to another.

cloudmounter can connect to AWS easily and last I tried forklift didn’t do this well (it was buggy for me) but maybe it’s been updated. Does forklift connect to dropbox accounts?

yes but rather than keeping track of a bunch of licenses and having to update every year etc… this makes it like the app store where you don’t have to worry about updates and licenses etc…

Setapp is not something I’d consider. Apart from my dislike of monthly subscriptions, it seems to me (might be wrong) that if you use Setapp but then cancel, you’d lose the data if you later bought the standalone app.

What if Setapp were to disappear? Unlikely, but possible.


I use a brilliant app called TextEdit to record all of my licences and it only takes a few seconds to record a license so it is a pretty low stress proceedure. TextEdit is not part of Settap though:)

Forklift connects to Dropbox. I have no idea if it connects to multiple ones as I only have/need one.

I’ve always found these droplets or cloud mounted features to be noticeably slower than just using the app directly itself. That’s why it’s generally a feature that’s unattractive to me.

I do, however, LOVE the new Yummy FTP Watcher. That’s been very valuable to me.

I use 1Password for this. It has a feature for doing just this.

Yes - if you have the app and do not ‘selectively sync’ folders then there is no need to mount in this way as it wold be slower and offers zero benefits. I selectively sync though as I have no need for most of what I store on Dropbox to be on my computer. I do however need to move things to folders that aren’t selectively synced and can use mounted drives for this purpose.

Yes… TextEdit is a pretty amazing app. Seriously! I use it every day with my website and mailings to convert supplied articles (provided to me as Pages files) to inline html which I use then with JW’s email stack. It’s a perfect way to retain formatting. All you need do is configure TextEdit’s html Save prefs to Doc type “HTML” Styling as “Inline CSS”. You can then use BBedit (or such) to “grab” the “body” code for pasting into any html stack.

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