Get YummyFtpPro today for $2

If you don’t have a good FTP App, you really should get this amazing offer today.

  • 1 for Yummy. Terrific FTP program. A pleasure to use.
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Here’s the link to the App Store for those wondering where they can get it…YummFTP Pro on the App Store.

Just noticed, YummyFTP Pro is also part of SetApp.

Either way it’s a great FTP client and worth having.



A couple of years ago I tested the speed of Yummy vs. the other ftp apps (Transmit, etc) and Yummy FTP won… Of course, I don’t know if that’s still true today. But Yummy is constantly updated and improved and there are it’s sister apps, FTP Alias (drag and drop file transfer), and Watcher (sync local folder to server). I’ve contacted Yummy support a few times and always received fast, courteous, personal service. I highly recommend Yummy FTP.

Thanks for sharing. That’s a great deal.

I went to buy it and found I already had it! Don’t remember buying it. I like the way it will import accounts from other FTP programs.