Yummy FTP Pro on the Mac App Store for $0.99

If you are a RW user and don’t have an FTP App this you should seriously consider getting this to provide all of your FTP needs. Use RW to Export or Publish to a local folder and then use Yummy FTP to do all of the FTP work. You will never have an FTP problem again.

On a side note really concerning that such a good App (part of Setapp too) is being discounted at 97% off!

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This app also has two sister apps.

“FTP Alias.” You can make an “alias” of your images folder on your host (or any folder) and then simply drop your files on it to upload.

Also available is “FTP Watcher” which “syncs” any folder between your local Mac and your web host.

I’ve been using Yummy FTP for years and I’ve found it to be very fast and reliable. Support is great and the app is frequently updated and improved.

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I compared Yummy’s speed to Fetch and Transmit about two years ago. Yummy was fastest. But Fetch and Transmit may have improved since then. And it may have been dependent upon my particular host. Again, that was two years ago. But I always say, stick with what you know works for you. (Unless Yummy’s sister apps would be a benefit to you.)

When we had RW ftp issues, we were using FileZilla, works well. It’s doesn’t look very good, but who cares?

I have used FileZilla for years as well. Excellent product.

There are a lot of outstanding FTP clients out. FileZilla (open source) does work well. The interface may be a bit confusing for new users as it has a lot going on. Yummy for .99 is a great deal if you don’t have one.

I use Yummy all the time. Really good.