YummyFTP Pro available for £1.49

Just a heads up for those not using an FTP App. The excellent Yummy FTP Pro is now available on the App store for £1.49. If you don’t already have an FTP App then this is a tool you should not hesitate to get to use with RW.


Looks good. It seems to be only a one-day offer – it says, ‘Discounted to $1.99 as part of TwoDollarTuesday.’ I’ve used Transmit for many years (since it was called Transit, in fact) but I’m still tempted.

I bought Yummy for a similar price over a year ago - great product.

Upgrade to what? This is the full Yummy FTP.

Yep. Have yet to see an update screen nag.

I’ve used a lot of different FTP applications and finally settled on Coda & Transmit purchased from the developers website, not the MAS.


Coda - code colouring, code colouring plugins for when I am expanding my knowledge base, built in FTP, reliable. Did not buy from MAS because the MAS is SLOW to issue updates due to Apple’s political crap regarding developers with a solid reputation.

Transmit - there is overlap with Coda, but for fast editing online, Transmit is nice, also for accessing visual representations of warehouse images has Transmit Disk which makes the server a virtual disk in your system useable in Finder for preview of server content… same BS with the MAS imho.


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Yummy FTP includes YummyFTP Alias I believe, which alone is great value at £3.99 but to get the whole Yummy for £1.49 is an opportunity not to be missed. The MAS isn’t really an issue for FTP Apps because they rarely change and are so reliable that updates are not that urgent.

However, for any RW6 users not using an FTP, this will be the best £1.49 ever spent.

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From time to time they do these deals and at £1.49 it’s a fantastic bargain. I had the previous version of Yummy FTP Pro purchased at full price and that was still working fine but waited until the upgrade appeared at this price before jumping on the current version. I tend to use this rather than RW6 for FTP site uploads.

Sounds yummy :wink: lol


Thanks for this note. Really great app. :slight_smile: