Nimblehost Armadillo sitemap or search function?

Hi! I’m using armadillo cms stacks from Nimblehost. I’m starting to get a LOT of posts on my site, and would love to find a way to search all my created content. Problem is that I cannot seem to find a stack or embed code that includes posts made with Armadillo. Is there any way to make a sitemap that contains all created posts from armadillo, or search trough the content in any form? Thanks!

@sirbull I recently purchased Live Search from 1 Little Designer and have been very happy with it. The developer has added a couple of key updates/tweaks that make it wonderful for my needs. I can now search the entire site, including blog posts.

One nice feature about Live Search is that by default it searches all content available via your main menu navigation. However, that doesn’t help me a lot as many of my pages are accessed through a grid-button system on key pages, plus all the Armadillo blog posts. (It will search the Armadillo main page by default, but that doesn’t help much.) The “trick” is you can add your own URLs to the search. It’s actually quite easy to do this. And this includes the permalinked pages for any/all Armadillo posts.

On one website we have about 80 posts. So we won’t do the update all at once, but by about 20 a day we’ll add to LiveSearch. I’ve put all the “searchable” pages in a plain text document and simply add to it, copy/paste to Live Search. Read the directions as you don’t include the full URL, but it’s very easy to do.

Once you are caught up with your blog posts, updating Live Search once a month or so will be super simple. Yes, it’s not automatic. But, yes, it is very easy to do. Worth it to me.


Thank you for a good answer! :smiley: I’ll check it out!

There is an “external” tool you can use also. Zoom search. It’s php that you install on your server. Highly configurable and super fast for user searches. Can also have “categories.” For example, on my site users can search “sections” of “Bookstore” “Reports” etc…

Zoom also creates sitemaps as it crawls your site building your search indexes. (optional)

The site I maintain has 1700 pages and zooms’ results are incredibly fast and accurate if you configure everything properly.


Zoom search sounds interesting. I have more modest needs as my sites are typically about 20-35 pages plus blog content. But I do know an organization with large needs so it may be a good fit for them.

@sirbull: One of the things Live Search does is it gives the page name where a blog post lives. So if it finds multiple permalinked articles with the search term all of them will have the name of the blog page, e.g. News. When you click on the link it will take you to the correct permalinked page however, and the descriptive text underneath the link in the search results will also be for the permalinked page. Not a big issue: but something to be aware of.

The developer let me know today that in a future update there will be the ability to show the blog-post title via a tagging system (or similar). But that will take quite a lot of work and may be a few months away.

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Hi Mathew,
Recently I bought Live Search and would like to use in my Armadillo blog.
Could you please show me how you use it on your blog?

Best regards

I’ll be glad to help. But I’m not sure if …

  • you want to see an example of LiveSearch used with a blog
  • a description of how to include blog entries with LiveSearch

Let me know which is your real concern. I have a dedicated Search page that will bring up content from any page (regular or blog post). However, I could have chosen to put a LiveSearch stack on my blog page (instead I just put a link to the Search page): but I did this for cosmetic reasons.

Live Search has a nice option to search additional pages. I use that (and it’s needed) for blog pages and some other pages not in my main menu navigation. When adding a regular page, let’s say it had the name of “cars” and you were using php (instead of html), then you would add this to the relevant Live Search area:

  • cars/index.php

However, for an Armadillo blog post that has a permalink of:

one would use this format to add to Live Search:

  • /blog/?post_id=13&title=welcome-to-my-blog

This is really quite easy to do as the permalink is always in the address bar and you simply cut out the beginning bit.

Live Search will find all posts on the main Armadillo page, but not any that are not on the main page (i.e. posts old enough they go beyond the 5, 10, 15 posts showing on the main blog page)

Hi Mathew,

Thank you very much for your generous and extensive response.
I’m trying LiveSearch on one of my Armadillo’s blog (, and I think I managed to work.

However, once you find the post, a message appears: “Note:… This page must be uploaded to a web server for Live Search to function. The search feature will not work in preview mode”, although, of course, the page is published.

When you have some time, please go to enter, for example, the word “cena” so you see the behavior.

I would like, if possible, see an example in your blog

Thank you very much again for your kindness

Just a quick reply as I need to go out right now. Will send you a link if you want it later via PM.

When I used your website and put in “cena” all seemed to work fine. Two “hits” and I could easily go to each one.

Were you previewing in RW when testing out? If so, that never works (LiveSearch or other stacks that rely on PHP).

Thanks Mathew

I don’t want to disturb you.

Yes, but if you select the first “hit” you can see the message on the sidebar


Aha, now I understand. I don’t experience that. And, unfortunately, I have no idea what is causing the message. You’ll need to contact the developer.

I was thinking on some way to “hide” Live Search on the found post


Pedro: I have set you up so you can login to one of my course websites. I’ll leave details for you via personal message.

Pedro: In addition, when I search for “cena” there are 2 hits. Clicking the second hit does not create a problem. All works fine. So it seems what you are trying to do will work fine, but I’m not sure what the small glitch is.

Thanks Mathew,
I’ll check when I get back calmly in my house.
However I noticed that your search page does not work on my iPad 2, iPad Mini and iPhone 5S. Work, however, on iPhone 6. (different iOS)

Regarding the glitch in my search page, I contacted the developer


Pedro: works fine on my iPad (Air 2, I think) and iPod Touch (Aug 2015). Probably a known iOS limitation.

Hi Mathew, I 'm new to Armadillo and I wanted to implement LiveSearch with it.

LiveSearch is well returning the text it founds from the page where the main Amadillo blog stacks resides. But as I have limited the display of blog items to Post Summary, it searches only text in the Post Summary and not in the full Post.

It is possible to have LiveSearch also seraching into the full Post ?


Hi @wingo welcome to the forum.

You are replying to a post that’s over 3 years old so you might find in the future more beneficial to create a new post asking the question.

If you’re asking about 1LD’s LiveSearch, I believe it only indexes what pages that are actually in the navigation of the site.

There’s also RapidSeachPro’s RapidSeach Live, it index’s what’s in a the sitemap but only indexes what’s in the metadata link description.

Unfortunately to my knowledge there’s no RapidWeaver addon anymore that builds a internal search function that will read generated pages.