Sitemaps and protocols and Armadillo

Hi, I’m using Armadillo blogging stacks and following the advice of the (excellent) SEO videos from RW, I have deployed encryption using Cloudflare. In order to get Google Search Console to include the Armadillo pages I am running the site through to generate a sitemap. However, I have discovered that I get different results depending on which protocol I use. I have not been able to track down the logic, but when using https, only includes one Armadillo blog url, but using http it finds all of them.

I’ve looked on forum for similar issues and it may be related to cross-protocol links, but I am not certain. So all in all I am a little confused about how I should be setting up the sites in RW and Armadillo to ensure that all content gets included in sitemap which is crucial for SEO I believe and also force encryption.

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