Rapidsearch Pro 2 on Armadillo page?

Is there any way to use Nimblehost Rapidsearch Pro 2 stack to search inside Nimblehost Armadillo? I’m trying to get a search engine up and running on my stacks page. If not; is there any way to search inside a stack like Armadillo? :slight_smile:

I’m reading your question a couple of ways:

  1. You want to have content you create in Armadillo appear in search results for your site. Post and pages in Armadillo have their own specific URLs, so you have a couple of options here:
  • Manually add each URL to your search index in RSPro.
  • Use a service like xml-sitemaps.com, which can create a sitemap of your site which includes the Armadillo content.
  1. You want to, while logged into Armadillo and viewing a list of all the content you’ve created, search that content to find what you want. If that’s the case, I’d recommend the new v2.0 for which we just started a public beta testing period, as that functionality is now built in.

Hope this helps.

I know this post is quite old but I have a follow-up question for Jonathan relating to an online journal that I am building for a customer.

Based on your first reading of the question, does this mean that RSPro needs to have an updated sitemap (that includes Armadillo content) each time Armadillo content is updated. If so, is there a way to automate this update?


If RSPro’s search index continues to work the same as when I passed development over to Will Woodgate, then yes, the sitemap does need to be updated with new content created in Armadillo, and then the RSPro search index rebuilt.

However, I’d suggest asking @willwood for clarification on whether this is still the case for the versions he has released since taking over development of RSPro back in 2016.

RapidSearch Pro is largely unchanged from before.

The last update included some critical fixes to enable the stack to work on a web server with PHP 7.x support and various updates to the CSS. so that the search form and styled search results display better in themes like Foundation that have quite aggressive CSS resets. Other than that, it works the same as before.

The RapidSearch Pro page type plugin is no longer developed or supported. I know for sure it does not work in RW7 or RW8. If you are still using it, it is time to switchover to the stack version instead, which has more features.

Future versions of the RapidSearch Pro stack will continue to use your sitemap.xml file to construct a search index from. But I am exploring options of doing-away with the MySQL / backend admin areas to simplify the stack and try to get some integration with the new social media stuff in RW8.


Thanks Jonathan and Will. I think I understand. It does mean that for RapidSearch Pro to work for a site using Armadillo, then the sitemap needs to be updated and the RapidSearch Pro index has to be rebuilt every time a site owner updates the content. I suppose I feel that that sort of task is a bit inconsistent with the aim of having a site under the owner’s management. Many of them will not be comfortable with that sort of task. I’ll certainly be looking to see if it can be automated.

Thanks for your help.