Rapidsearch Pro 2 on Armadillo page?

(Torgeir Bull) #1

Is there any way to use Nimblehost Rapidsearch Pro 2 stack to search inside Nimblehost Armadillo? I’m trying to get a search engine up and running on my stacks page. If not; is there any way to search inside a stack like Armadillo? :slight_smile:

(Jonathan Head) #2

I’m reading your question a couple of ways:

  1. You want to have content you create in Armadillo appear in search results for your site. Post and pages in Armadillo have their own specific URLs, so you have a couple of options here:
  • Manually add each URL to your search index in RSPro.
  • Use a service like xml-sitemaps.com, which can create a sitemap of your site which includes the Armadillo content.
  1. You want to, while logged into Armadillo and viewing a list of all the content you’ve created, search that content to find what you want. If that’s the case, I’d recommend the new v2.0 for which we just started a public beta testing period, as that functionality is now built in.

Hope this helps.