No body content after version and El Capitan upgrade

After upgrading my operating system to El Capitan and to the latest version of RapidWeaver I have no content whatsoever in the body of any of my pages (the sidebars still have content?). I have no idea which upgrade may have caused this error but it appears 100’s of hours of work may have been lost. I have an older macbook still running version 5 however the content is so old I would have to start from scratch anyway. PLEASE HELP!

What version of RapidWeaver are you using?

I am using Version 6.3.4 on my MacBook Pro

And to confirm: you’ve upgraded from RW 5 to RW6 also?

Did you open and save the projects with RapidWeaver 5.4.1 prior to opening them in RapidWeaver 6?

Upgrade Guide:


Yes, I had already upgraded from RW5 to an early version of RW 6 using the export process. I experienced a few glitches from memory but after help from the forum got full functionality and all appeared ok.

Which plugins are you using in RapidWeaver 6 for the pages? Have you tried the Check for Updates option on the main RapidWeaver menu to ensure your plugins are up to date?


I have never used any additional plugins in RW

Could we get a copy of the project file to Mark it “FAO Nik” and I’ll get our developers to look into this. Any idea what version of RW 6 you were using prior to 6.3.4?

Not sure, I upgrade whenever a new version comes out so I can only assume it was whatever the previous version was. I will email the file(s).