Am i being dumb?

after recently paying for the latest upgrade to RW5.? I got an email saying i could get RW6.? for free. i still appear to have the old one. i can’t find the new one other then in recent downloads and none of my projects have ported over to the new RW6.??? I would have thought that the latest one would have merged and taken over the old one saving all my projects. why is version 5 still working. well it at least still had my saved websites.

any ideas? thank you (running el Capitan

PS new version seems to work but id just want to use my old pages and sites in the new version

Check your support email response :wink:

thank you. I did all you said in every possible combo. but still nothing has happened. I have two versions of this app both work but only the old one is visible in my launch pad. my old websites didn’t port over. so I’m no further forward

(not to step on anyone’s toes here)

Since you’ve brought this up to the forum, and since your OP is a bit broad, coupled with the response to RM support, please tell us exactly what you have tried, what behavior you are seeing, etc., otherwise, we’ll be of little help.

In general, though, to use RW6 with older projects you must:

  1. Have all the current RW6 versions of the themes/utilities/stacks used in your previous projects present in RW6. If not, your project may not import correctly (RW6 is pretty good about telling you about those things).
  2. Open your RW5 project in RW6. RW6 will create a new file, this is the one you’ll save and be working from. The RW5 project will remain as-is and you can still use that too (though I’m not sure why you would).

Bear in mind that some things just simply may have to be re-created in the RW6 project as they simply could not be brought forward for any number of reasons.

kind of you to reply. please remember I’m a relative novice to this kind of stuff, but I was sent email link offering me a free upgrade to 6. I recently paid to upgrade my 5 so thats why I’m guessing i got 6 for free. so I clicked on the “download”. it downloaded and it works. but it didn’t supersede/overwrite my previous version 5. so support said… “updatedate current version of 5 to latest version and then save all projects”. close v5 and then download v6. and was told all would be sorted. i did. it wasn’t. V6 works as does V5 but none of my old projects are in V6 and the only version accessible from the applications menus is V5. V6 opens via “recent downloads”. hope that explains all.

many thanks, Paul


Are you saying you are expecting RW6, upon execution, to find, import, and upgrade your RW5 projects, automagically?

all other versions have done this seamlessly… so yes. Also i can’t understand why and how i should be able to run two versions of the same program on the same mac at the same time. Upgrade means a better updated version of the version you have. it should replace it.

To answer your last statement, no, that isn’t always true and also a dangerous propostion. And, in fact, sometimes it is a good thing to have the prior version sticking around in case there are issues. In the case of RW, I have some sites in RW5 that can’t be brought forward to RW6 just yet, so, I still need RW5 around. Yes, lots of software will replace previous versions, but not in this case, and that is a good thing.

Your second question: it isn’t the “same” program. We “version” applications to keep track of which is the latest. The computer doesn’t care what the version is, all it cares about is whether the instructions provided by the program are valid. Imagine a novel, of which there are two editions. The first edition reads one way, but, the author had a change of mind about some sections, and re-wrote portions, producing a second edition. Both books are still readable, just one is more “current.” Thus, they are not the “same” book.

“All other versions have done this seamlessly.” I’m not so sure about “seamless,” however, as the application versions were meant to actually replace the previous ones, it is possible to see it that way. RW6 represents a different paradigm (though, to “you” it might not be quite so much), so, things work differently and the projects have to be converted to the newer sandwich format.

In RW6 the method to bring applications forward is as per my previous reply - make sure you have all the current/latest themes/widgets/stacks (RW6 is heavily stack-based, NOTE: those items must be the RW6 versions) that are in your previous projects, then open your previous project (the RW5 file) in RW6. RW6 will attempt to convert it, and warn you if anything you have isn’t compatible.

Now, you save the resulting file. It will be in RW6 format. Your old RW5 file will still exist, and you’ll also have the RW6 file too.

So, now, you try that. If you get any errors upon conversion that you don’t understand, post the screenie here and the group will help out. Otherwise, if everything is up-to-date, you should have no errors and be able to work on your project as an RW6 project from that point forward.

This has to be repeated for each site you created prior to RW6.


There’s a lot of great information there, JCMII.

The only specific I’d like to add is that you must open your Rapidweaver 5 projects in v.5.4 or better and then (I’d choose to) SAVE AS give it a new name and then open that new file that’s been upgraded by 5.4 in Rapidweaver 6 (after making sure all the addons have been transferred over).

Do all of that and you should be flying high!