No subscribed videos on my iPhone

Hi all, i have just subscribed to the advanced videos for the modest sum of 10dollars
Using my lap top I thought i would have had to to Log On to view the advanced videos, but i didnt have to, how did the videos know i had paid my subscription ??
However later on when i got to bed i thought i would watch one of the videos on my iPhone !!!
I then found my phone didnt know i had paid a subscription, and i hadnt got any log on details i am signed into the forum as well !!!
How can i watch the videos on my iPhone please ??


Your logged in:

On you phone you will need to do the same
click the hamburger menu and click the little head Icon.

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Thanks @teefers Doug, very helpful indeed, i now have the videos viewable on my iPhone ready for bedtime viewing :slight_smile: