I am miffed with the value for money of my Silver subscription!

Hi there fellow Weavers. I paid my $10 for a month of Silver subscription to see the “paid for” videos.
And then dam me, I see that most of the same videos are available for free on another part of the same RealMac site !

Tim. !humph!

@timmytoad, there are, I believe 7 free video’s, maybe as much as 10, the total video count right now is 36. If you’re seeing premium video’s elsewhere on the site, try logging out and seeing if you can still view them…

When you click them (when logged out) you will be prompted to buy a subscription.


@Turtle thank you so much for that Brad :+1:
I feel much better now, there is always a simple explanation to most things :blush:

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You also get the exclusive podcasts:

New videos every week and more benefits coming soon.

Thanks for subscribing and supporting us! :+1:

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