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Hello, I am building a site for a non-profit in my area. The site is going to need an online form to nominate individuals for a bi-annual award. Does anyone know of a good add-on for this? Also I want users to be able to donate (Sponsor) the site, any add ons for this as well?


Any form will enable users to email nominations - if you want to restrict the list of nominees you ideally need one with drop-down list or radio button list type functionality. I can recommend Formloom 4 but there are several others from 1 Little designer, Stacks 4 Stacks and Yuzool off the top of my head.

As far as donations, if you want to allow flexible user-determined donations rather than fixed amounts, I would use Yuzools Checkout stack (Paypal or Stripe). Yabdabs Paysnap stack also allows this but is for Paypal only.

I have been using MachForm for a non-profit site that I am running.

I use it for the Donations page, Raffle page, and also the Nominations page (online form).

However, at the moment the Nomination Form is disabled as their Induction Ceremony is happening this weekend and they are not accepting nominations again until afterwards.

Payments can be made through PayPal, Stripe,, Braintree, or via mailed in check/cash.

It can be a bit more work than some others, but you have a lot of options available with it as far as setting everything up and designing the form.

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Nice site but man is it slow to load. Have you compressed your main header images at all?

Pages generally loaded fine for me… approx 2.5 seconds from clean browser. I would however check the size of the banner image as that loaded a bit slower. Should be <200kb

I’d second Machforms - great product and brilliant for combining detailed forms with built in payment. It is however more convoluted to use the download php version, and expensive ($15 per month) for just one form if you use the cloud version. However it does both functions in one product and is highly recommended

Yes, I use the PHP version that is hosted on my site as I don’t want to pay monthly.

But, once you get used to it it goes a lot easier.

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