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I’ve been asked to find a solution to a friend’s website, he wants users to purchase yearly memberships by filling in a form (that asks quite specific details) and then checking out via paypal or similar.

I build a lot of e-commerce sites with cartloom, and it could be achieved this way but it isn’t ideal. Foundation has a great form stack, but no payment abilities and it would be great to integrate a payment system with the form so that both are carried out at the same time.

Anybody got any ideas? Are there any plugins that could do this?

For this, you need Sitelok by @vibralogix. There is a LOT of great info in this thread: Shout out for Sitelok - password protection & membership software

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I thought sitelok was a tool to build a login/members area? It’s not that kind of membership.

Sitelok can do exactly what you’re looking for. If you only need to charge people for a recurring subscription, the simplest solution would be to use a PayPal subscription button.

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Form and payment all rolled into one. Great support and easy to use.

You could use Yuzoolthemes Stripe Checkout stack:

I have used it for a clients site that requires a subscription. Once the customer completes the payment they get redirected to a form (so you could redirect it to a page with a Foundation form).

Stripe is also way cheaper than PayPal.


Thanks @dylan for the mention and this is a great solution! :slight_smile:

@tj87 we have just released:

This may be someway towards what you are looking for…

Hi all, thanks for these amazing tips.

Machform is catching my eye at the moment. Thanks Nigel.

Thanks Michael,

I’ve been doing some digging around the Yuzool vaults of awesomeness. You’ve got some great tools. Pay form is very interesting, the examples you offer though are very similar: name, email, project details, payment.

No denying it’s a widget I’m going to have to get my hands on, but whether or not it’s right for this site, I’m not sure.

How customisable is the form?

Thanks again.

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Thanks @tj87 - yes it’s built as a plug’n’play widget - so aimed as is for now and for freelancers to collect orders for their projects.

You can change the fields - quite easy to do - but requires editing the HTML before uploading. If just changing the labels (so for example, Project details > Service Required etc) then that’s easy.

Any more questions or ideas - shoot us an email at and happy to help with any ideas you have


@yuzool, I’ve been having issues with Memberspay i purchased on April 19, 2016 for $29.95 prior to which I purchased members stack same month. I have issues with Register Stack too which I purchase earlier before the two members stacks.
Up till now, I’ve not been able to use it because of Parse Error message.
I sent a support ticket to you on this with the specific error message on Sept 9, you replied on the 11th that I should go through the help file which I have thoroughly read and followed before I sent the support ticket.

This is the error message I received which I had earlier sent to you:
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘:’ in /home/ppmspi5/public_html/ on line 24

This is what I have on line 24

**Also, I need to point out that I used Test Live/Publishable Key.
** This error occurs after sigh up and after loging in on Welcome Back!

Please, kindly get this over with for me as I have deadlines to meet.

Please can you stick to the ticket - would be much easier to follow

In header on line 24 looks like you have curly quotes?
Please swap with ’ ’


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Ok, @yuzool but your support response rate was so slow. You seem to respond faster on forum than your support system.


Thanks for your feedback, its been noted. I’m going to stick my hand up here and take responsibility for that as I have been travelling and working away quite a bit for the last few weeks and not been able to get to a couple of the tickets as quickly as we normally would. So, please accept my apologies for that.

I’ve replied to the ticket asking for confirmation that all is now well. It would be great if you could reply on the ticket letting us know if you are all set.

Many thanks and good luck with the project!


@kryten thanks. Will do.

@kryten , I’ve responded to your support reply. Pls, kind check and get reply. Thanks.

Thanks - but it’s difficult to marry emails with forum posts and support tickets :fearful:
We do our best all the time - hope that comes across!

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@kryten & @yuzool I can’t thank you enough! Thanks for your resilience, understanding, patience and attention to details and above all, your great customer service relationship.

You went through my hosting details, discovered where the errors were, fixed them and informed me!

Thanks once again!


Our pleasure @Apomus, our pleasure…

Thanks for choosing Yuzoolthemes!


@kryten, Please, I want to ask. How do I have access to the database or profiles of the users that sign up on MembersPay?