Non https: content in a frame on a https: site – Is there a trick to display it?

On we are using Joe Workman’s Offsite Stack to display the contents of the individual agencies. See an example here:

We would like to switch to https: for security reasons and to get better search engine rankings.

But several members have not switched to https: yet, and it is not very likely that they all will switch in the near future. Therefore their content will not be displayed as soon as we switch to https:.

My question is:
Is there a trick to display unsafe content in a frame on a secure site?

Thank you for any hints.

To my knowledge there’s no way to “trick” the browser to display “active” mixed content like an iframe on a secure page.
With free SSL like let’s Encrypt or free proxy services like CloudFlare available the best approach would be to encourage members to convert by not showing the iFrame until they do.
Since after a quick look at your site it appears that each member has their own page you could just replace the iFrame on the unsecured members page with a brief description and a link to their site. You are allowed to “link” to a non-secure site just not display the content.

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Thank you. I think, I will replace the entries with just a link. This may be an incentive for those members to switch to SSL, but I think this will take a while.

@teefers is correct.

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