iFrame does not display content of a webpage created by and stored on my Synology NAS

iFrame does work fine with URL´s to www-pages.

However I am facing problems with iFrame not showing the content from a public link created by Synology Note Station.

Strange to see: The content is displayed correctly in RapidWeaver EDIT-Mode. Switching to Display Mode, only a white page is shown.

Here is an example public link, created automatically by Synology when releasing a note for public. Content is displayed correctly when entering link in a browser: https://hilda-nas.synology.me:5001/ns/sharing/0PNmy

Did anyone faced similar issues?

Many thanks for any hint.

It looks to me like you have a security certificate issue:

Thanks for the quick response.

I was wondering whether this could be the reason as I do not have an own domain, but relying on a Synology service for sharing Noters. Unfortunately Synology does not offer support for the certificate issue.

When using a browser, it is required to once accept the certificate as being “trusted”. Is there any means to provide rapidweaver with this info?

I don’t believe you are going to get past this easily since all the browsers are now, at a minimum, giving a security warning for non https sites.

IMO, your best bet is to get hosting for this. @barchard Greg at Chillidog has hosting starting at $5/month that includes a Security Certificate.

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I need to come back to my iFrame-topic.
After having updated to 8.1.2, iFrame does not display any webpage anymore.

Still strange to see: The webpage is displayed on an iFrame-Page in RP in EDIT Mode, but not in VIEW-Mode.


Is there something I do fundamentally wrong?

Did you do a “republish all”?

Yes - I conducted a re-publish all
But this is at the very end of the topic.

My issue is coming up earlier: Within RP, creating an iFrame page, I do see the correct content of the URL assigned in iFrame setting when choosing the EDIT Mode. Switching to DISPLAY mode or simulate, there is a white screen only…

Just another investigation regarding the iFrame Topic:
When a create an URL link in a RP page for a text or image, ALL webpages are displayed correctly - even the one with the certificate issue mentioned by scott (https://hilda-nas.synology.me:5001/ns/sharing/0PNmy)

Pages are correctly displayed in VIEW mode as well as in Simulation Mode and after publishing.

So why iFrame does not work?

I am confused… any help?

Certain websites you want to include via iFrame into your website will not allow to do so.

Example: google is sending a special marker that other pages aren’t able to include it via iFrame.

I didn’t checked your website, maybe that’s the same case with the domains you want to include.

Jannis, many thanks for this inside. I did not know…

Question: Do you know if I can “mark” my webpage created in RP as not being displayable in an iFrame of another page? Does RP offer that kind of functionality? If so, how?

I think this is a http header setting you could perform in the .htaccess file.

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