Not all banners are showing

Hi, very new to Rapid weaver. I am trying to publish my company website and I have 8 pages with banner images. 4 of them come up perfectly when the site goes live but the other 4 do not feature. In Rapid weaver Preview they all work and when you do preview in chrome or safari it all works. I would appreciate any suggestions. If you go to you can see that the images are not coming up. Thanks for any assistance you can give.

Can you try re-publishing one of the pages with the missing banner and see if that brings it back?

if you look at the code you can see that those pages that are displaying correctly have an image in myExtraContent1, whereas those that don’t are missing the image. See attached images.

Alternatively, are you sure you’ve included the required code in the Custom CSS box for thos pages that are missing the banner image? See -![picture%20is%20missing|690x427](upload://h6sjrt6SzBkLHXOouL7tQOsUvBH.jpg)![picture%20is%20there|690x494](upload://eCnCUQULuWfll4HqjDRp8htbLNT.jpg)

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Hi, I just tired refreshing the Garden Life page and I have reentered this code attached below. It still does not seem to work and I have used the same approach on the pages which do. Are there any other settings I should be checking? Thanks for help too

Any chance you could attach a screen shot of the Garden Life page in edit mode so we can see the image in Resources and the code pasted into the custom CSS box?

thanks for your time, I just realised I had capital letters on the resource page. It is all up an running. Thanks again for your time and effort

Yep, that would screw it up every time! :sunglasses:

No problem, glad it’s sorted.

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