Uploaded website - All working, but the banners are not visible?

Uploaded my work in progress website but for some reason none of the custom banners I’m using for my theme (Shift) are not visible. They appear to work fine within dreamweaver but not on the actual website. Other images/resources seem to work but all the banners is my ‘banners’ folder within resources are not visible.

Does anyone have any idea why this might be ?


A link to the site is always helpful. Also I take it you meant RapidWeaver and not Dreamweaver

lol yes i meant rapid weaver, long day at work…


thats the URL, hardly done anything to it but just wanted to test whats there is working.

I have made about 8 custom banners, when i check the site via FTP they are in the resources folder in another sub folder called ‘banners’. The other folder in resources is called ‘images’ and all the images in that display ok.

as mentioned in my first post, all the banners appear fine within rapid weaver.


Do you have an exact link/URL, please: I get this when trying that one:

You don’t have permission to access / on this server.


Have you checked permissions? They should be set to 755…

Its ok i fixed the issue, i just deleted all the banners from resources, deleted the site and then re-added the banners and republished and now its working !

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One of those things :slight_smile:

Well done…