{NOT solved yet :( } PlusKit 4 not working proper wit Blog plugin

(Marcel) #1

If i import Rapidweaver’s Blog-plugin with PlusKit-4, only the ‘summary’ of the blog will be imported, not the ‘body-page’ if i click on the hyperlink. (titel)
What can i do?


(Ken) #2

@MVDV I don’t think Pluskit has ever been able to use imports into blog pages of the full page content. It is pretty outdated as a plugin now and is only maintained by YourHead (but not developed) when @isaiah took it over. The @Import part is a small part of its overall design and it would need an ‘unprofitable’ amount of work to make it cope with your requirement (this is unlikely to happen).
I’m surprised that neither Realmac ( @dan ) or Yourhead ( @isaiah ) have not produced a new addon/stack/or RW function to handle just the @Import requirement.

(Isaiah Carew) #3

PlusKit works by grabbing the content out of a page and the stuffing it into another one. That technique works great with simple page types text pages – and it’s a really great way to of mirroring repetitive content around your site.

But for complex content that involves more than one HTML file, import is ill-suited to the task. And this is exactly the case on a Blog page. A blog page is folder full of a whole bunch of post files that is linked together with a php script. Import can’t get grab all of those things – so the results are poor. This is why PlusKit comes with the complex imports like Blog pages disabled.

If you’re looking to combine Blog content on a page, then I’d look at one of the Blogging Stacks. There are almost too many to count. Check the community site and just search for blog. Those are designed to do exactly that – and can be combined with hundreds of other stacks to build pretty much whatever you want.

And if you purchased PlusKit just for this purpose, please contact our support folks, Christi will get you a refund – I hate to see it when folks buy things they don’t really need. :smiley:

(Isaiah Carew) #4

Uh… what??? No way! Fake news. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

We launched an entirely redesigned and re-engineered version of PlusKit (PlusKit 4) in January 2017. Since then we’ve done a number of large and small updates. The most recent was just 10 days ago!!! And v4.1 was released in December with all new Google document importing.

We took over all of LogHounds plugins when John needed to focus on other things. Largely we did this just as a thank-you to John and to the RapidWeaver community as a whole.

However, there are still A LOT of pluskit users out there. So we decided to give that plugin special love. You can see it’s also one of only three plugins listed in the top menu of every page of our site. :smiley:

I HAVE!!! It’s just not called “import” anymore – and it works a bit differently – but the goals are 100% exactly the same: Partials!!!

Just like Import Partials let you:

  • import content from one page onto many others
  • modularize your content
  • break up complex pages into more manageable chunks
  • edit content once – and have it be published to many locations

But unlike import – Partials can do a whole lot more:

  • make templates that are customized to each page
  • repeat similar content many times on a single page with one partial
  • include complex, interconnected content like blogs, CMS-engines, Foundry or Foundation, etc.

(Ken) #5

@isaiah Sorry, I seem to have missed the Pluskit 4 upgrade. I’ve never intellectually considered Pluskit & Partials as like addons. I use Partials a lot and agree they are great. I used Pluskit in the past for non-repetitive imports eg blocks of photos from different pages, which functionally is somewhat different to Partials, which I use for Sites Styles, Special Meny Types, Fonts etc etc.
I’m not and haven’t been kpryce - I incidentally tried to use that name, when creating an account, but got an “already in use” message - hence kpryce1.

(Marcel) #6

Also PlusKit in combination with Partials for the Blog-plugin, unfortunately does not work.

(Isaiah Carew) #7

@kpryce1 - my mistake about the usernames. poor assumption on my part. my apologies. i’ve removed it.

Partials also work great when sharing content between pages – what they don’t do – is share content between different types of pages.

This is an entirely intentional difference – the RW API wasn’t really designed to share content between different page styles, so PlusKit uses a sort of “trick” to get the job done. It works sometimes and not others – which leads to a lot of disappointed users and forum threads exactly like this one.

For PlusKit the only way to find the limitations of where it will work and where it won’t is by trial and error.

Partials is the same concept – but with the limitations baked in. It can’t do a couple of things that PlusKit could – but what it can do works 100% of the time. I like things that work that way myself, it tends to make for fewer frustrations. So I build most of my products this way.

(Isaiah Carew) #8

“PlusKit in combination with Partials”

I recommend keeping PlusKit and Stacks far away from each other.

As I’ve said (sort of like a broken record :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) PlusKit works great for simple page styles – Stacks is arguably the least simple of all. So it’s bound to have the most problems.

I actually considered disabling PlusKit+Stacks entirely. But in the end there were a few users doing very simple, very useful things, that urged me to reconsider – so I capitulated.

But please please please take the fact that these pages must be enabled explicitly – as well as the explicit warnings – and my repetitive urging here on the forum – that these pages are unlikely to work well with PlusKit.

Simple pages + PlusKit: :+1:
Complex pages + PlusKit: :-1:

(Ken) #9

@isaiah sorry I’m so out of date with Pluskit - it’s lost among the detritus of lots of old buys. Unlike - Partials however, which are used on every page of every site I build - ie. they are part of my day-to-day ‘workflow’ which Pluskit never was.

(Isaiah Carew) #10

Yeah!!! :grin: I love to hear that!!!

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