Pluskit 4.1.2 @import not working in RW8.1

I have a problem with PlusKit 4.1.2 and RapidWeaver 8.1 (20502b)

The plugin is not called.
RW renders @import() literally, so instead of including the code, one sees the text ‘@import((inc-adds))’


What can that be?

(BTW, v4.1.2 works perfectly well in RW 7.5.6 (18820))

It’s a bug. I reported it to RW/Yourhead and they’re on it!

It would be helpful to have a few more details.

PlusKit 4.1.2 works well in many cases in RW 8.1, but RW 8.1 did make some changes that causes it to fail in a few situations. However in order to fix them, I have to find them. Since PlusKit can be mixed and matched with various kinds of pages, in various ways, testing all the possible combinations is nearly impossible (it’s many thousands of possible cases – and this task is not easily automated).

If you could tell me a bit about your use case it might help me narrow down and find the bug that you’re seeing. It might be the same bug that @chet it seeing, but there’s a very good chance that it’s entirely different.

Here’s what will probably help me out:

  • What kind of file are you importing too and what kind of file are you importing from.
  • What is the hierarchy of both pages (are they at the top level of your site, or are they subpages). If they are subpages, what is the depth of each page.
  • What is the “Folder” set to in the page inspector of each page. This is what sets where the file is published on your site.
  • What is the name of each page. If it’s something complex, please be detailed – copying and pasting would be a good idea if there’s code or special characters involved.

Is there anything else special about the pages? Or about this project?
What other plugins do you have installed?


The @import is used in the sidebar and in styled-text stacks.
The pages that are imported, are at the root level.
Nothing fancy, nothing that has changed, except the new RW8.1
Folder names are plain ASCII, lowercase, perhaps with an underscore somewhere.

hi guys,

i’ve now nailed down both bugs. expect a beta release later today or early tomorrow. i release the betas to the Slack channel ( if you’d like to join in) and i usually give the slack folks for a day or two. if no more issues are reported i’ll release it to everyone else. :slight_smile:

thanks for the good bug reporting. :smile:



Happy to help in any way that I can!

The build server has it now. Give it an hour and it should be ready for posting. If it’s done before my kids call me to dinner, it’ll be up on the slack channel soon. :slight_smile:


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@isaiah See my answers in Slack. Thanks!

Sorry about that guys, I just pasted the wrong URL into the slack channel.

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