RW 8.7 preview is glitchy

Something like this was apparently happening in earlier versions. I have a foundation site with 5 main sections and 40+ pages. Previews are initially slow to load and occasionally one fails to load so there is just a blank page - same when previewing in browser. One fix I have found is that changing one element on the page (adding a stack for example) seems to force the preview. But that’s not a good fix long term. Anyone have suggestions?

There is a good video from Isaiah at Yourhead about stacks and the delay in Preview. It’s worth a watch to understand what is going on under the hood and to be aware that preview will lag a bit.

I have one page on a small website which is quite long and full of a dozen large banners. It takes a good few seconds to display when activating preview.

Great - Thanks Nick. Do you have a link to the video or clues on how to locate it?

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