Odd behavior with theme

I’m trying to build a short example page using the 1LD Affero theme that comes with RW. Here’s what it looks like in the theme drawer:

and here’s what it looks like on preview:

Am I missing some setting? I thought I was able to just use it out of the box before with the banner, etc.

Using RW 8.3

I never used that theme,
But I’m see the same thing.

Just experiment a bit. Here’s that theme with a Stacks page. I’ve dropped in an image at the top, hidden the site title, added two columns with some content and put a logo at the top and text in the sidebar.

You know, this did not occur to me; I’ve only used the predefined themes with Markdown for very simple landing pages.

I also assumed, erroneously or not, that the predefined themes would all look like their pictures straight out of the box. I think I got that impression because many of them do.

Thanks for the input here. Appreciated.

If you need to do all that, what’s the point of using a theme.

What about none-stacks pages? RapidWeaver doesn’t come with stacks, so that about a styled text page, the built-in blog or contact form?

It absolutely should! The theme is either broken or the image isn’t correct. I know it’s an older theme and there is an empty div for the banner but it is misleading and doesn’t give much confidence to a new user about 1LD’s ability.

There wasn’t really any ‘all that’. I just added content.

The only slightly unusual thing I did was to hide the title. I’ve tried it with a Styled Text page and it works the same - except for the columns, 'cause I don’t know how to do those! :sunglasses:

Agreed it would help if the dev added an image to the theme but it doesn’t seem to work that way.

What’s the empty div for in the code?

The independent developers that made these themes, turned them over to RealMac. They really don’t have a way to change them, most don’t offer any support.

I think the point was to have a sample of their work, and generate sales of pro versions or in this case Affero 2.

The tutorial for Affero 2 doesn’t mention how to banner works either.


It’s a 2014 design and it was prior to the banner being added to RapidWeaver.

Perhaps @1LittleDesigner could comment on how the free version of the Affero theme is supposed to work?

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