Trouble with codex theme

(Jake) #1

I got MDD’s codex theme but I’m having issues with it and was wondering if anyone knew how to fix this. i tried contacting MDD as well.

The codex example site on MDD displays the images under “learn more” in a nice 3 column format. The one.rwsw theme in the codex file I got seems to force this into a row format instead. Also I noticed that while the top two sections are responsive, some of the other sections below end up nonresponsive. I tried changing around all of the settings in stacks but that didn’t fix it.
Here’re some screenshots:

For comparison, here’re the same sections in the original codex site on MDD:

I didn’t do any modification of the codex files. I installed the theme and simply opened the one.rwsw file, exported, and opened the index file in a browser. I even updated my files and redownloaded codex starting from scratch to no avail.

Any suggestions?

(r) #2

does it display that way when you preview in rapidweaver and is it using the built in column stack

(Jake) #3

Yes it also displays that way when I preview in rapidweaver. It’s using the Stacks 2 yourhead plugin.

Any thoughts?

(scott williams) #4

Do you have the images in a 3 column stack or what?

(Jake) #5

Yes. Here’s a screenshot:

(r) #6

left you a message not sure if you received it, looks like you may not have the stack being used in the rw file