Odd sub-menu bahaviour in RW Future theme

I am using RW’s Future theme and my sub menus in both Safari and Chrome are erratic.

Sometimes the menus are ‘sticky’ and sometimes not, sometimes they are blank, and sometimes the sub menu items show up.

And sometimes, the bottom sub-menu item will not show up but the first two do.

I have a screen recording showing the inconsistencies. Sorry, it may a few minutes to download it, it is 54 MB.

Is there any way to stabilize this inconsistent menu behaviour?

That is just your colors…

But why do they show up sometimes, in the colors I have chosen, but not always?

Sometimes when I move my cursor down over the menu, it disappears altogther and sometimes it shows up.

Sometimes it is populated with the sub menu items in the chosen colors, and sometimes only some of the sub menu items show, so if some show and some don’t, I don’t think it is my chosen colours.

I think at least one of the colors is white…on a white background.
Joe Martin


Have you got a link we could look at?

Yes, thank you.


It is happening for me too on Safari.

Have you got different theme styles set for some of the pages? Maybe the nav link colour is set differently in Page Styles?

Digging a little deeper, it could be the nav link’s visited colour. Does that have its own setting?

Another reason I have stopped using dropdown menu items.

I just ran a test. I set up a 3 page test project with the Future theme, added one page as a subpage (dropdown) and I’m getting exactly the same issue previewing the test site in Safari.

It looks like you found a bug.

I agree! They’re not user-friendly, especially on small screens.

OK, thank you Nick, for confirming that bug.

Is there a bit of CSS code that could fix it for me, or what is the alternative for dropdown menus for nested pages?

Try this, adjust colour as required.

.dropdown-menu .nav-item .nav-link:link {
color: #000; }

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