The new Official theme?

Hi All i just had an email from Realmac promoting there new Theme “OFFICIAL”

Am i missing something, but the Demo pages dont show any Drop Down Menus, furthermore i only like Themes with Drop Down Menus AND an Option to Disable Parent Pages !.

Perhaps with this new theme, humble RW6 users have to get there hands dirty by delving under the bonnet with lots of CSS etc.

Perhaps folk more experienced than I could do those Menu things very easily.


sub page links (centred on page) appear in a line under the parent links and are visible

@upssjw hi Steve, are you referring to the Demo Page ?, i still cannot see any Drop Down links to Sub Pages ?


no i purchased the theme the sub menus show centrally as links under the main menu
when the responsive menu is used the sub pages are visible but indented to the right under the parent link

just tried with sub menus strange thing happens when you resize safari menus appear in strange position just send to realmac

this is what happened

@upssjw thanks Steve, i am surprised they dont show a few Sub Menus in the Preview ??


part of rapidweaver showing page setup and a snap using ember of safari

perhaps its not designed with sub menus in mind