(off topic) opt in mail list issue... Did Yahoo change their Bounce policy? Question for Weavers who run a mail list

Question for Weavers who run a mail list…

We have an opt-in mail list of 6700 subscribers. We use aWeber mail service. We average about 6-10 bounces per mailing. (returned as “non-deliverable” and etc).

On 12/5 we had about 1200 Bounces! Most of those bounced mail accounts were automatically “unsubscribed.” I was told by aWeber that these were all Yahoo accounts and this was a result of Yahoo changing their bounce policy. aWeber told me that Yahoo now sends back an “un-subscribe” request from their system upon just ONE email “bounce.” Typically, it takes several bounces back on an account for the aWeber account to do an un-subscribe.

To anyone here who runs a mail list… have you seen an issue with Yahoo accounts this month?

I’m trying to learn if the aWeber reply to me is true or not. I just can’t see a mail host (Yahoo) telling my service (aWeber) to un-subscribe an account due to only ONE bounce back.


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