Do you use JW's email stack for an opt-in list? Where can I join? ie: share your design (to compare in clients)

I would love to see what others are doing with JW’s eMail Stack. If you use the stack and you run an opt-in list would you Private Message me and let me know where to opt-in? Thanks.

yes… thanks SteveB… I understand all that. I use the stack and I run an opt-in list with 6500+ subscribers. And rather than view the web version I would prefer to subscribe to the emails… that way I can see what the JW designed email looks like in different clients.

Can you add me to your list or is there an opt-in page?

btw… I just moved from aWeber to MailChimp and I’m also trying out Sendy/Amazon SES.

  1. I’m interested in the designs people make using JW’s stack…
  2. I want to see them in different email clients as each client displays the email a little (or a lot) differently.

This is for learning… to building nice emails without them blowiing up in “difficult” clients. I check every email I send in Yahoo mail and Outlook, etc. Thus, it would really be nice to be on lists where people are using JW.s email stack to check the success they are having.

Thanks very much. Your clients maintain the lists themselves? There is not an opt-in signup somewhere on websites? (thanks for pm) My list is not mine either but the client is happy to have as many people signup as possible.

I’m beginning to think you and I are the only users of the email stack…

I use it for one of my own sites, but I only send newsletters a few times a year. The email stack is so easy and good, I should start sending more.

Do you check your designs in Outlook?

To be honest, I don’t.

If you get Joe’s emails he uses the email theme. He sends out update emails weekly (if there are any updates) and you could test any of those emails out.

You might consider checking them in Outlook, you might be surprised. I made some beautiful emails but they rendered poorly in Outlook, Hotmail, and others. Not the fault of the stack - totally the fault of some email apps that don’t “play by html rules.” What You See is NOT What Your Get. :slight_smile:

Can I check them on the web-based version of Outlook?

Thanks zeebe… I was actually considering asking if anyone was interesting in an email user group but it appears there is not enough interest. Not only to discuss how to use Joe’s email stack to design emails that work in Outlook and such but also to discuss email campaigns in general. Everything on the web is focused on eMail Marketing and we don’t do marketing here. We send out reports to an opt-in list and I’m more interested in designs that render properly and all things related to better delivery (not marketing) and ease of process from beginning (email stack) to end (the email actually making it to everyone’s inbox.)

wow… ha! it does exist…thanks!

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