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Hello. I have a website which I’d like to send to someone in a *zip file offline. I export my project (>File dropdown menu and select “Export Site") to my local hard drive. (The export folder has not been compressed as *zip folder yet!!). Double-clicking the index.html the homepage opens offline. So far so good. However, as soon as I click a link to access one of the subpages, the actual file folder opens instead of the linked index.html page. I can’t share the project if they can’t properly review the website offline. Does anyone know what I can do to fix this? Thank you.

In order to view your exported project offline you need to use a local server – something like MAMP (free) or MAMP PRO (paid).

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Thanks. Do you know if something has changed with RW8? It worked in the past and I am using RW for over 18 months now. I know that PHP doesn’t render offline but my project is html only.

Webpages are designed to be “served” by a web server like Apache or NGINX.

The web server application resolves navigation links as well as many other issues (like PHP).

I don’t think anything has changed in this respect in RW8.

In the left-hand sidebar, under Advanced, turn off “Tidy Website Links”.

With that enabled, RW generates the links pointing to the folder only and letting the web server choose the index file to display. Unchecked, RW should generate links including the folder and page name.

PHP files still won’t render, but you’ll likely be able to view the other pages okay.

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That’s it!! Unbelievable…a simple checkbox is solving a massive problem for me. It always worked and for some reason it stopped working, and I went crazy not being able to figure out why. Thank you Don for sharing your knowledge and expertise. I really appreciate you took the time to respond! Thank you.

Hello Doug. Thanks for responding. I’ll do some research to expand my personal horizon on Apache & NGINX. Have a great Sunday.

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