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Hi There!

When I export my page to a folder I can surf though the pages except when I try to go back to home.
It seems that it doesn’t find the home page and intead open it it send me to the finder to choose the file as in the next image

Can you help me?
(I,ve used Fonudry stacks)

Thanks in advance

Ok. Thanks for your attention:

I think I’ve found the solution: Changing the File Name of my home page from index.html to home.html, (although I obtain the message: Changing the filename of your homepage to ‘home.html’ may prevent your site from appearing correctly online) … voila!, I can surf between all the links.

[It seems that what prevents my site from appearing correct online allows to appear correct offline]

it’s because you are not running a web server locally if you were running Mamp for example, it would work just as it does online. web servers automatically look for and load the file index .html(or.php) when pointed to a (folder).

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Correct. But it was just what I was looking for: runnin a site offline (saved in a pendrive, for example) to use it where ever I want to, not online. (I can´t save a server on a pendrive.)

I’m physician, and I’m going to use the site as an HTML document where I can consult protocols, treatments, techniques…, so I want to open and use it in any computer, without worrying if it has internet connection or not.

Perhaps others would have the same intention (for example to show their work to a client, on a laptop, with no internet available)

They should know that they must change the File Name of the home page from index.html to any other, if they want the site to run correctly


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