Offroad theme sidebar problem

(Eryn EP) #1

The theme offroad in rapid weaver 8 comes with an optional sidebar which, by choice, I have chosen to use for a directory and have put links there.

When I hover over the link the colour changes to an undesirable colour and I can’t seem to figure out how to stop the colour change. I’m assuming its some CSS or HTML as I cannot find any colours to change that correspond with the sidebar text in the theme’s settings.

Here is the difference between the colour when I hover over the ‘home’ link. (I have made it so that the text changes in size when you hover over).

(Doug Bennett) #2

If it’s not in the theme settings then you can probably do it with some custom CSS.
As always when you ask for help with styling it’s best to provide a URL to at least a test page.

(system) #3

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