Change the background image in offroad?

(Edward Anderson) #1

As stupid as it seems - I cannot work out how to change the background image for offroad.

Any help pointers are appreciated… Thank you!


(tim parsons) #2

At a guess, i would say that “offroad” is nothing to do with Rapidweaver !!!


(Edward Anderson) #3

What gives you that idea? - It comes as a standard theme with rapidweaver 7+.


(Stuart) #4


You can use this CSS

body {
	background-image: url(%resource(a3.jpg)%);

Where ‘a3.jpg’ is an image you have dropped into resources.

(Edward Anderson) #5

Thanks Kryten… I appreciate your input.

(tim parsons) #6

LOL, @Bushman I hadnt heard of that Theme before, i can see NOW that i do have it in my Theme Drawer thanks.

I simply thought it wasnt a genuine RW theme, because i typed that word into the Search box on the Realmac Add Ons site. and it came back with Nowt !

Of course i now know better Thanks.


(Edward Anderson) #7

No worries Tim! :slight_smile: I appreciate you taking the time to reply