Link to other rapidweaver site

I did set up a site for a friend which needs to show data from Google sheets. I use GridIron 3 for this purpose and the addon works great. The issue is, that my friends site is on a server not providing the PHP version needed for GridIron 3… :frowning: Unfortunately there’s no way to update PHP and moving to another server is as well out of question.

I did set up the identical page on my own hosting as a subdomain and everything works fine. So I came up with the idea to link the relevant pages on his installation to mine… But how can this be done? Ideally I would only like to show the data part in a stack, if not possible the entire page could come from my installation.

I’ve tried various things, always ending up with an iFrame solution - however it’s not possible to make the iFrame hight reponsive…

Any ideas on how to solve this would be very appreciated,


I trhgink the only real option you have is to use off site page - or just an actual link to your site. - courious why they can’t update their php version.

If you want it in a stacks page, Joe has an Offsite Stack which should work. Not exactly know what you mean by height responsive, as responsiveness really only means width. I do not think you can control the height responsiveness, but I can be wrong…

No, you are right @zeebe zeebe :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Thanks zeebe, I have Offsite Stack installed, but I have to determine the hight of the page. The pages to be shown by the stack look e.g. like this:

Some pages show 2 lines of data, others 30. So I would like to have the hight of the Offsite be adjusted automatically… that’s my problem here :slight_smile: