Offsite page in RW 8

I am redoing a site from RW 5 to RW 8. It is a site with a VERY large amount of data and. categories. RW 5 would crash when there was too much data. The site is divided into 10 subdomains. The user selects from a table of linked alphabet. they are then redirected to the right subdomain. In RW 5 I successfully used the Offsite pages new navigate this system. Now , in RW 8 There are Offsite pages available, the logo is designate with an arrow to the right. However , when I add one pot these pages, it puts in a Styled Text page. I need to redirect it. Any ideas?

I’ve used Offsite Pages a few times in RW8 and they all worked as expected. Could it be the icon that just looks like a Styled Text page? In older versions of RW, the icons were very different and you could easily see what type of page it is. Now it’s not so easy.

If you add an Offsite Page, the inspector should look like the image below.


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