Offsite Page Works as Parent page but not Child Page

My site is large and in 6 projects so I must use Offsite Pages for those menu items located in the other projects.

I’ve used this for years but now I just have to ask…
The page links output differently depending on whether the page is a Parent page or a Child page (sub-menu).

If a Parent page, the “Offsite options” “URL” link is used (Redirect page OFF) but if the exact same page is moved and used as a child page (sub-menu) the “Meta Data” folder and file name is used and the URL link is ignored. For these child pages I have to use a unique folder/filename and then do a forward in my htaccess file.

The result I’m seeing is this: For my site of six projects, the entered URL redirects work nicely and directly on the MAIN nav items but it uses the forward on the sub nav items.

Why does the exact same setup work differently depending on whether the page is a parent page or child page (sub-menu)???

Is this a bug?

Edit: This is true in RW versions 5, 6, and 7.

Edit: Also sending to RW support.

Anyone? Is there anyone here who uses an Offsite Page as a child (submenu) page?