Offsite Page not working in RW7!

Got problem with offsite page in RW7, Version 7.2.2 (18500).
I have used it many times as "placeholder för the menu in my foundation project.

Now it hangs the hole program when I try to save the project.
It wouldn’t even work if I start with a new project.


There’s a possible solution here for you.

Also, if you’re using Foundation another option for ‘placeholder’ menu items is to just wrap the title in header tages. So your page list would look like:

  • Home
  • `<header>Parent Item</header>`
    • Sub Page
  • Other Page

This has been fixed in the beta version of RW 7.3.
It has to do with the URL being blank in the offsite page. Did you try setting the URL to # ?

I think that works.

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